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You can hear a few of my original songs at the link below.  Tread lightly. These are powerful songs that can tear the roof off the underground. You know what I'm saying. 


three album trilogy RELEASE DATE  TBD   

Breakthrough2 copy.jpeg
BenBurn-3 Album Cover.JPEG

No More Blue Skies 

 Bar East Ale House 11.10.12

Sugar Momma Cougar

The Bitter End 9.12.10

Welcome fans and friends to my website, 

Both journalist David Wesley of The Wisconsin Sun Times and singer/songwriter/guitarist Ben Burn have been spreading vicious rumors about me online that I'm a disgusting degenerate and that I have stolen their money.  This is patently false and defamation of my character and I intend to sue both of them to the fullest extent of the law.  David Wesley of The Wisconsin Sun Times went so far as to break into my apartment one night, steal the PAB Bootleg Remix 3 of Ween's Gabrielle that I audio engineered for Ben Burn and is refusing to give the file back to me until I pay him $327.  This is extortion.  That's why I haven't been able to release it. It was completed months ago and is one of the best ones I produced.  

Thanks for your understanding,



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