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Having a career path both in and out of the corporate world, a unique skill set and diverse experiences, Wyatt works fluidly in both clean and blue comedy, with jokes about past failed relationships, observational humor, political and topical humor. He has self-labeled his comedy as "nonsensical surrealism."

His comedy influences--George Carlin, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, and Greg Giraldo, are all deceased.    

With a tight 30 minutes of material, his comedy can be both unhinged and edgy and/or clean and raunchy.  He can tailor his set to a client's requests within reason, and is available for private events, parties, weddings etc.   He has appeared as a background actor on SNL and 30 Rock. 

Under his pen name, he has written satirical articles for The

Contact for rates and availability. 

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